The presentation sessions will be in asynchronous format and accessible from December 14th-17th 2021.
In order to make the International Webinar on Digital Architecture 2021 run properly in virtually, all participants who register as presenters are expected to be able to make online presentation videos with a maximum duration of 6-10 minutes, with a total of 8-12 presentation slides. Participants must wear a formal dress (suit / blazer / batik). Please download the documents related to the seminar:

  1. PPT Presentation template (download here)
  2. Video Guidelines (download here)
  3. Presentation Video Upload - Tutorial (download here)
  4. Virtual Backdrop (download here)
  5. Video Presentation Guidelines (click here)
  6. Rundown (click here)

The video presentation Youtube LINK and the file of presentation (format .ppt) must be sent by to the committee’s email: with title subject
“(YOUR REGISTRATION NUMBER) - Presentation File IWeDA 2021” no later than 7th December 2021. Please make sure the document is open access.


  1. Click here to download paper guidelines.
  2. Click here to download paper template.